Narelle, Australia


Huge thanks to Rosie and Jo for such a fun filled trek.

You handled my young, novice boys will so much care and professionalism they can't stop talking about it and want a horse of their own now.

Loved that the more competent riders were able to head off for a canter or trot and you looked after my children. My oldest was even confidently riding by himself by the end of the morning.


The trek showed some amazing countryside and the view was breathtaking. Your horses are so relaxed and calm. Such a testament to your care and love for them.

Thank you.

Kelly, USA


We booked a morning ride before it was too hot or too many riders. Jesse and Rosie took the time with the 7 or so people for the morning slot.

My daughters and I have ridden quite a bit - they gave us very responsive horses with sweet temperaments. They paid the same heed to riders that were having their first ride too. I was astounded that they separated us to give more time for trotting, cantering and exploring the trails.


We were encouraged to test the horses out, not follow one another and feel free to give them a nudge if we wanted. There was so much land to explore and the scenery was breathtaking.


You can tell they truly care for the horses and the experience you have with them... thanks so much for the ride on Murphy, Mr white, and Siam!!!

Claire, UK

Superb, amazing, thoroughly enjoyable!!

I have never left any kind of review before but after today felt compelled to write one. I had promised my daughter (aged 6) that she and I could go riding and have some mother and daughter time. Having read as many reviews available about riding in and around Queenstown, I decided on Moonlight stables.


I rang to book and spoke to Janice. First impressions were good as she was very jolly and informative. When we arrived the good impressions continued. Janice and Anya were very friendly and helped to relax my two very shy daughters. Boots, hard hats, waterproof jackets, gaters, chaps etc are all available to borrow.


Being a horse lover and having worked at stables when I was younger, I'm always disappointed to see horses that haven't been been groomed properly, mud under the saddle, mud under the bridle, straw in tails etc, the horses (and the place) are IMMACULATE as to is the tack.


Whilst I was mounting up Janice, put my 3yr old in front of my 6yr old (who was sitting very proudly astride Sian) and took some photos for us. This helped appease my 3yr old big time) My daughter was on the lead rein on the roads/ tracks and when trotting but, much to her great delight, was taken off to 'ride on her own' alongside our guide Anya, who took great care of her.


I rode Mr White, who was responsive and forward going but made me feel very safe. I was given the choice if I wanted to trot and canter whilst Anya looked after my daughter so mother AND daughter had a very enjoyable 1.5hr trek. Will I recommend Moonlight stables.? Most definitely. Lovely people, super horses and amazing scenery. Yes it's expensive but it's the best money I've spent in a long time as my daughter hasn't a) stopped talking about it and b) stopped smiling. Thank you for an amazing memory.


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